What Our Awesome Clients Are Saying…

  • Motorsports Sales

    Powerful results with a Mobile Conquesting campaign for the power sports industry (motorcycles, ATVs, etc.)! Results: The ad campaign had an overall Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 0.84% (more than 12x the national CTR average). The company saw increases in page views (500%) and Facebook reach (1,000%) around the launch event, and generated over 40 leads for their new line. A powerful result for powersports!

    Mobile Conquesting Campaign for Power Sports

  • Hometown Realty

    We utilized a combination of Retargeting, Real Estate Ad Network, News Ad Network, Finance Ad Network, Home Improvement Ad Network. The goal of the campaign was to get the consumer to schedule an appointment. Results: Delivered 807,374 ad impressions and 1,015 visits to their website. Delivered a click-through rate of .13%. Averaged about 70% new visitors to their website. At least 119 scheduled a showing or created a “my portfolio account” after seeing the ads. In total at least 126 conversions occurred that resulted in direct contact with an agent or information capture for future use

    Real Estate Digital Targeting & Retargeting Success Story

  • Judicial Primaries

    Judicial Primaries find “Dark Horse” with IP Targeting. Results: Three of the four candidates moved to the general election, equaling a 75% win percentage, and 31% increase from the expected normal win percentage in comparable races. Candidates who utilized the digital marketing campaigns received more votes in 100% of the hyper-targeted areas, and 17% more in these areas than countrywide.

    Household IP Targeting Success Story

  • Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Local Visitors Bureau breaks attendance records to 4th of July Celebration utilizing Native Advertising! Results: The campaign was a major success. During the two week run, the native ad units generated 4,958 clicks and a 1.9 CTR, which is a little over 27 times the national average for display ad units! Their Google Analytics traffic increased to 17,696 sessions, from 4,174 last year, a 324% increase. Most importantly, the client reported a record attendance during 4th of July. Due to the success of the campaign, they are not only planning on using this strategy for all future events, but their Economic Development department has also requested to start their own native campaign to target small business owners next quarter.

    Tourism/Convention & Visitors Bureau Success Story

  • Local Fast Casual Restaurant

    Local Restaurant Turns The Tables With Facebook News Feed Ads. Results: The campaign delivered 114,000 impressions to people in the geo-fenced area. The restaurant saw a significant increase in their lunch sales both for dine-in and carry-out as well as an increase in users browsing their online menu offerings.

    Facebook Targeting Campaign Success Story

  • Automotive Dealership

    Automotive Company Drives Sales and Service Appointments With Facebook Custom Audience Matching and News Feed Ads Results: The dealership saw a significant increase in both visitors to their website, calls, test drives, and service department appointments. The service department discount offer had a 9% redemption rate and the dealership estimated a savings of over 75% from what they had been spending on direct mail.

    Facebook Targeting Campaign Success Story

  • Local Furniture Retailer

    Furniture store builds customer base using cutting-edge digital techniques! Results: Since the campaign launched, the client has seen significant traffic developed from the campaign. At 11x the national average for CTR (.82%), a high engagement rate (.96%), and the ability to track physical in-store visits based on those that have seen their digital ads, the client has decided to re-invest a large portion of their budget back into digital advertising. The icing on the cake was in Q4 we measured 205 visitors to their location pushed from our digital marketing campaign.

    Native, Social News Feed and Mobile Campaign Success Story

  • Vein Treatment

    Mobile Conquesting campaign delivers beautiful results for this Doctor’s office! Through our hyper-targeted mobile exchanges, we created a Mobile Conquesting strategy, which targeted women in selected upper income zip codes. They utilized our expandable ad format which allowed people to tap the banner ad and then view a full page ad on their mobile device. Users could then click on a button to view a video about the procedure, click to make an appointment, or click-to-call. Results: The ad campaign had an overall Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of .63% (almost 10x the national CTR average), and the conversion rate (those clicking on one of the Call-To-Action buttons) was 5.05%!

    Medical Mobile Conquesting Story

  • Luxury Home Construction/Remodeling

    Luxury home builder and high end remodeling company hits the jackpot driven by IP targeting, Retargeting, Keyword, & Behavioral Targeting: Results: “Match back” reporting was implemented on the initial list that was targeted the first half of the campaign. The reporting showed the following: 17 leads generated for the client. Three Design projects were sold at an average value of $500-$2,500. Three full remodel projects were sold at an average project value of $20,000-$50,000. Over 400,000 impressions were served and 518 clicks back to the site which resulted in a very healthy 0.13% CTR.

    Multi Digital Element Campaign Drives Strong ROI

  • Private University in the Midwest

    Liberal Arts University Gives Straight “A’s” To Their Online Campaign: Results: The university was not only thrilled with their conversion rates but renewed for the next school year because it saw dramatic improvement in the number of applications. To date, IP targeting has given them a .98 click-thru rate (nearly 13 times the national average) and over 500 conversions of students applying to the school. This IP targeting campaign created a growth in the programs that were promoted. The university is now targeting alumni within a 60 mile radius to sell basketball tickets, adults who are seeking their MBA for their continuing studies department, and female teens with a science background for a summer engineering program.

    Household IP Targeting Success Story

  • Local Dealership in Midwestern City

    Local Automotive Dealer Converts Conquest Customers into sales using IP Targeting Campaign! Results: The dealer was able to generate huge results fast! With the campaign only being live for 45 days, this dealership is consistently converting conquest customers. The dealer is serving 166,000 impressions per month, generating 288 clicks, with a average of 0.119% CTR, and 14 conversions within 45 days. We track each customer conversion once they purchase a car, removing those who were converted.

    Automotive Household IP Targeting Success Story

  • Credit Union in Nevada

    Facebook Campaign Connects Members to Credit Union’s Products: The results have been fantastic! The campaign had an incredible click through rate of 0.36% which is almost 5x the national average! In just the first month of advertising on Facebook, the Credit Union saw a HUGE increase in the number of applicants, over double the amount they had during this time last year. They funded over $68,000 in loans, as one of their loans had converted into an auto loan. The client was extremely happy and renewed for another Facebook campaign. The client was also pleased with the campaign’s reporting as that provided the transparency to calculate the effective ROI.

    Credit Union Success Story

  • Local Music Festival

    Digital Behavioral Targeting and Retargeting brings highest ticket sales ever to local Music Festival: After 7 weeks the festival had 12,937 conversions. A conversion was calculated when a consumer saw the ad and clicked through the landing page to proceed to the ticket page. The campaign had a click through rate of .22% and a retargeting rate of .57%, which is nine times the national average. The box office revenue was up 10% and the increased attendance drove 15% growth with concessions over the previous year. According to the client, “The festival had our best numbers in every category. The customer service is an absolute 10 out of 10, and you have earned our trust. I would recommend this program to anyone it makes sense for!”

    Concert & Event Success Story

  • Local Up-Scale Restaurant

    Local Restaurant Feeds Their Hunger For More Dining Reservations With Facebook News Feed Ads. Results: The restaurant saw an increase in traffic to their website, specifically their menu pages and a 10% increase in their on-line reservations which contributed to a significant increase in revenue during the campaign.

    Facebook Targeting Campaign Success Story