Video Pre-Roll Targeting

Video Pre-Roll Targeting



How Video Pre-Roll Advertising Works

It’s straight forward. All you need is a video to start advertising across thousands of websites that offer pre-roll advertising opportunities. This can be any video you want your target audience to watch and it’s cost-effective, you only pay when someone views your video. We have 25 hand curated video Ad Networks comprised of websites that target just the consumer you are trying to reach.


Video pre-roll is the advertising that runs before the content video plays. It is typically a :15 or :30 video ad.


You can target specific categories of websites (i.e., news & info websites, automotive websites, sports websites, etc.) that offer video pre-roll ads.




Our sophisticated video pre-roll allows you to target your customers in six ways using video ads:


  1. Video Retargeting
  2. Video IP Targeting
  3. Video Keyword Targeting
  4. Video Ad Network Targeting
  5. Video Behavioral Targeting
  6. Video Targeting on Facebook/Instagram


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