Facebook/Instagram Facebook Audience Network

Facebook/Instagram Facebook Audience Network



Facebook and Instagram News Feed targeting is about reaching people with ads on the biggest and fastest growing social media sites. This level of advertising is hyper-local, hyper-targeted, and can drive a huge amount of sales to an advertiser’s website.


Facebook Facts: The average American spends 40 minutes per day on Facebook. The average user spends 14 hours per month in the Facebook mobile app. 91% of millennials use Facebook.


Instagram Facts: The average user spends 21 minutes on Instagram per day. Instagram has more than 77 million monthly active users in the USA. 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35.



Why go with News Feed Ads?


  • Native ads– appear within the content of Facebook & Instagram in the News Feed
  • Highly targeted– target by behaviors, interests, and demographics
  • Increased customer engagement– CTRs for News Feed ads are typically higher than other forms of digital advertising










  • We convert new customers and retarget those who have yet to buy
  • Use up to 5 images within one News Feed Carousel ad
  • Click-to-call “Local Awareness” News Feed ads
  • News Feed “Lead Ads” allow users to fill out lead generation forms without leaving the Facebook app
  • Place ads on the largest mobile native network in the world, Facebook Audience Network or FAN! Facebook established a mobile ad network that will take your Facebook News Feed ad and place it onto other apps and mobile websites.
  • Target potential candidates for recruitment with a “Job Listing” News Feed Ad
  • Promote your event with a “Event Response” News Feed Ad
  • We maximize thousands of demographic and geographic targeting techniques
  • Get instant access to client data in our 24-7 online reporting portal
  • We can match an email or phone database to customers’ Facebook accounts and target just those people with ads
  • Look Alike Audience targeting takes an advertiser’s customer database and finds new matching customer profiles
  • We can track when potential customers convert too!


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